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Your Teacher | Andre Madarang

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Greetings! I'm Andre, a full-stack web developer and Laracasts instructor. My other hobbies include playing guitar, videography and gaming.

About This Episode

Published on Aug 17th, 2020

Under the hood, Vue's internal codebase was re-written in TypeScript. If you would like to use TypeScript with Vue 3, it has never been easier. Set the language to "ts" in your script, wrap your component in a defineComponent method, and you're ready to go. TypeScript offers the benefits of a typed language to JavaScript, making your code less error prone during development.

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  1. Section 1 Updates

    1. Meet Vite

      Free Episode 4:10
    2. The Composition API

      Free Episode 10:57
    3. Composition API: Refs

      Free Episode 6:29
    4. Teleport

      Free Episode 6:00
    5. Change Detection

      Free Episode 2:55
    6. Multiple V-Models

      Free Episode 5:26
    7. Global API Changes

      Free Episode 4:24
    8. Upgrading to Vue 3

      Free Episode 10:56
  2. Section 2 Experimental Features

    1. Suspense

      Free Episode 8:22
  3. Section 3 TypeScript

    1. Using TypeScript in Vue 3

      Free Episode 9:21
  4. Section 4 Laravel Usage

Front-Line PHP book
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