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Any modern application these days will require some form of automated asset/script compilation, concatenation, and general file watching. While tools, like Grunt and Gulp, simplify these common tasks, the truth is that it still takes too much effort to get up and running. But what if we could add a layer on top of Gulp to make the process of triggering such tasks as simple as it could possibly be? Well, we can! Let's talk about Laravel Elixir, which is now included with the base install of Laravel 5.

Update: To speed things up, minification is disabled during development. Instead, run gulp --production when you're ready to deploy.

Published on Nov 11th, 2015.


    1. New Directory Structure

      EPISODE 1 7:20 Free
    2. Method Injection

      EPISODE 2 4:20 Free
    3. New File Generators

      EPISODE 4 5:12 Free
    4. Spiffy Authentication

      EPISODE 5 10:21 Free
    5. Multiple Filesystems

      EPISODE 6 9:10 Free
    6. Contracts

      EPISODE 7 9:21 Free
    7. Route Caching Goodness

      EPISODE 8 5:08 Free
    8. Socialite

      EPISODE 9 21:10 Free
    9. Laravel Elixir

      EPISODE 10 12:10 Free
    10. Route Annotations

      EPISODE 11 13:20
    11. Event Annotations

      EPISODE 12 7:22
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