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What's New in Laravel 5.7

Laravel 5.7 is now available! Along with it comes, not just the reveal of Laravel Nova, but also email verification functionality, dump-server integration, better console testing, and so much more.

4 episodes
22:47 mins
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  • Episode 1 Run Time 5:12

    First up, we have email verification support out of the box in Laravel 5.7. It's as simple as adding implements MustVerifyEmail to your User class. Seriously.

  • Episode 2 Run Time 5:08

    Laravel 5.7 includes an incredibly useful new php artisan dump-server command. Written by Marcel Pociot, this command provides a wrapper around Symfony's VarDumper component. While running, each time you dump data as part of your response (examples: dump($users) or dd('hello world')), the output will be swallowed up and printed in the console.

  • Episode 3 Run Time 6:48

    Laravel 5.7 ships with improved support for testing your Artisan commands. You can now leverage the helpful expectsQuestion() and expectsOutput() methods to ensure that your commands function exactly as expected.

  • Episode 4 Run Time 5:39

    Let's review a few smaller - yet still important - updates to Laravel 5.7. You'll learn about a new base directory for your JavaScript and CSS assets, callable action url generation, and guest authorizations.