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What's New in Laravel 5.7

Laravel 5.7 is now available! Along with it comes, not just the reveal of Laravel Nova, but also email verification functionality, dump-server integration, better console testing, and so much more.

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      First up, we have email verification support out of the box in Laravel 5.7. It's as simple as adding implements MustVerifyEmail to your User class. Seriously.

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      Laravel 5.7 includes an incredibly useful new php artisan dump-server command. Written by Marcel Pociot, this command provides a wrapper around Symfony's VarDumper component. While running, each time you dump data as part of your response (examples: dump($users) or dd('hello world')), the output will be swallowed up and printed in the console.

    3. Laravel 5.7 ships with improved support for testing your Artisan commands. You can now leverage the helpful expectsQuestion() and expectsOutput() methods to ensure that your commands function exactly as expected.

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      Let's review a few smaller - yet still important - updates to Laravel 5.7. You'll learn about a new base directory for your JavaScript and CSS assets, callable action url generation, and guest authorizations.