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Laravel now includes the useful logoutOtherDevices method on the SessionGuard class (auth()->logoutOtherDevices()). This means, with ease, you can invalidate all other sessions for a user's account. One use-case for this is ensuring that multiple people cannot log in and access the same account simultaneously. For a second example, maybe a user accidentally signed into their account on a library computer, but forgot to logout. No problem; you can offer the functionality to click a button and instantly invalidate that library session.

Published on Apr 16th, 2018.


    1. Broadcast Channel Classes

      EPISODE 2 4:34 Free
    2. Collision Reporting

      EPISODE 3 1:55 Free
    3. Eloquent Date Casting

      EPISODE 4 2:55 Free
    4. Dynamic Rate Limiting

      EPISODE 6 3:13 Free
    5. Logout Other Devices

      EPISODE 7 5:00 Free
    6. API Controller Generator

      EPISODE 8 1:42 Free
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