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Logging has been vastly improved in Laravel 5.6. You'll find a new config/logging.php file in a fresh install of Laravel. Here, you may configure your desired default logging channel, or even specify a stack of channels. Maybe basic informational logs should be sent to the standard laravel.log file, while mission critical logs should be sent to Slack. Easy!

Published on Apr 9th, 2018.


    1. Broadcast Channel Classes

      EPISODE 2 4:34 Free
    2. Collision Reporting

      EPISODE 3 1:55 Free
    3. Eloquent Date Casting

      EPISODE 4 2:55 Free
    4. Dynamic Rate Limiting

      EPISODE 6 3:13 Free
    5. Logout Other Devices

      EPISODE 7 5:00 Free
    6. API Controller Generator

      EPISODE 8 1:42 Free
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