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By now, you're surely well aware that Laravel offers facades, which offer a simple, static interface to objects in your service container. In the past however, should we have needed to create our own facades, we were required to manually construct each relevant facade. Not anymore! Laravel 5.4 can do it on-demand for you. This is insanely cool, and will annoy countless onlookers. So they're definitely worth a look.

Published on Jan 23rd, 2017.


    1. Sanitizing Middleware

      EPISODE 1 1:44 Free
    2. Laravel Mix in a Nutshell

      EPISODE 3 4:56 Free
    3. Fluent Routing

      EPISODE 4 1:07 Free
    4. Blade Components and Slots

      EPISODE 6 5:19 Free
    5. Markdown Mailables

      EPISODE 7 4:25 Free
    6. Real-Time Facades

      EPISODE 8 2:29 Free
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