About This Episode

Laravel 5.4 includes support for higher order messaging, which is a fancy term that essentially breaks down to "collection shortcuts." What if, rather than filtering a collection, passing a closure, and returning some data, you could simply type: $collection->filter->isArchived()? How cool is that? I'll show you how it all works in this episode.

Published on Jan 23rd, 2017.


    1. Sanitizing Middleware

      EPISODE 1 1:44 Free
    2. Laravel Mix in a Nutshell

      EPISODE 3 4:56 Free
    3. Fluent Routing

      EPISODE 4 1:07 Free
    4. Blade Components and Slots

      EPISODE 6 5:19 Free
    5. Markdown Mailables

      EPISODE 7 4:25 Free
    6. Real-Time Facades

      EPISODE 8 2:29 Free
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