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What's New in Laravel 5.2

It's about that time again. Laravel 5.2 is on its way (possibly in January, 2016), with a variety of useful new additions. Let's get ahead of the game, and begin reviewing what's new.

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      Laravel has offered route model binding for some time now. However, with Laravel 5.2, much of this process is now implicit. Need to fetch a record by its id? Just typehint the model, and Laravel will automatically send you the proper instance of it.

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      When writing your APIs, you'll often need to limit the number of allowed requests. This way, one application or user can't pound your server with countless API calls. In Laravel 5.2, we get rate limiting right out of the box, via a new middleware.

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      In Laravel 5.2, you'll find a new `make:auth` command, which adds a helpful bit of view scaffolding to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Nearly every application requires authentication, login throttling, and password resets. Let's learn how to add all of that in sixty seconds.

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      In past versions of Laravel, if you needed to validate an array from a form, it was actually pretty annoying! But not anymore. Now, the process is a cinch.

    5. Laravel 5.2 now includes support for multiple authentication systems. For instance, maybe you want your web users to sign in with the traditional session-based setup that you've been using for years. But what about the API you offer? A login form doesn't make much sense in that case. Instead, we can opt for a different driver all together; a token-based driver.

      View the route snippet for this lesson on GitHub.

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