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About This Episode

To save time, Laracasts originally used Disqus for its video comments section. However, it's time to migrate to a native solution that is better connected to your user profile. Come along as I use TDD to begin constructing the API for a new threaded comments section.

Published on Jun 20th, 2019.

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    1. Elixir Refactoring

      EPISODE 2 21:10
    2. Elixir Webpack Plugins

      EPISODE 5 20:18
    3. An Ad Component

      EPISODE 12 13:21
    4. Coupon Generation With TDD

      EPISODE 13 21:46 Free
    5. Please Come Back

      EPISODE 18 9:38
    6. Learn Vuex With Me: Part 1

      EPISODE 21 21:03 Free
    7. Custom 404 Pages and the Borg

      EPISODE 29 19:29 Free
    8. Commentable Workshop

      EPISODE 35 26:39
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