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About This Episode

There's nothing too fancy in this episode. We need to take the "most recent series" section on the Laracasts home page, and turn it into a curated, featured list. Along the way, we'll discuss the value in not over-doing tasks like this. While we could whip up a UI with a bunch of drag and drop goodness, the reality is that all of that takes time. Why not opt for the simplest possible implementation first, and then you can always expand upon it in the future - if and only if you decide it's necessary. As such, we'll simply hardcode a list of series ids that we wish to feature within a config file. Easy!

Published on May 31st, 2016.

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    1. Elixir Refactoring

      EPISODE 2 21:10
    2. Elixir Webpack Plugins

      EPISODE 5 20:18
    3. An Ad Component

      EPISODE 12 13:21
    4. Coupon Generation With TDD

      EPISODE 13 21:46 Free
    5. Please Come Back

      EPISODE 18 9:38
    6. Learn Vuex With Me: Part 1

      EPISODE 21 21:03 Free
    7. Custom 404 Pages and the Borg

      EPISODE 29 19:29 Free
    8. Commentable Workshop

      EPISODE 35 26:39
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