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We're able to successfully version (hash) our bundled chunks, but now we have a new problem: if the file hash keeps changing, how do we reference it in our HTML? We can no longer hardcode the path. Instead, let's have webpack generate a manifest.json file. This way, using Ruby, PHP, or fill-in-the-blank, we can read this file and dynamically determine and fetch the proper hash.

Published on Mar 15th, 2017.


    1. Modules Are Simply Files

      EPISODE 3 7:26 Free
    2. Loaders Are Transformers

      EPISODE 4 4:51 Free
    3. Sass Compilation

      EPISODE 7 4:24 Free
    4. The Relative URL Conundrum

      EPISODE 9 9:52 Free
    5. How to Strip Unused CSS

      EPISODE 10 4:49 Free
    6. Long-Term Caching

      EPISODE 11 6:05 Free
    7. Webpack Manifests

      EPISODE 12 3:39 Free
    8. Automatic Image Optimization

      EPISODE 13 5:37 Free
    9. Developing Webpack Plugins

      EPISODE 14 8:59 Free
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