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A frequent question that pops us is: "how do I setup a custom domain name with Laravel Forge?" Well, the answer is that Forge doesn't really factor into the equation. Instead, you only need to update your DNS, accordingly, to point your domain name to the proper IP address. Just to be safe, though, we'll go through this process together.

Published on Nov 11th, 2015.


    1. Say Hello to Forge

      EPISODE 1 3:23 Free
    2. Why Forge?

      EPISODE 2 6:11 Free
    3. Your First Project

      EPISODE 3 5:01 Free
    4. Connecting to Your Database

      EPISODE 4 2:22 Free
    5. Using Environment Variables

      EPISODE 5 2:18 Free
    6. Scheduling Tasks

      EPISODE 6 3:05 Free
    7. Queues with Forge

      EPISODE 7 6:34 Free
    8. Hooking into New Relic

      EPISODE 9 2:18 Free
    9. Set Up a Staging Server

      EPISODE 13 8:44 Free
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