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PHP 7 Up and Running

Slated for release in December, 2015, PHP 7 brings a wealth of new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. If you're curious, come with me, as I demonstrate what's new!

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    1. Run Time 4:04 Free

      Before we can review what's new in PHP 7, we should first get the proper development environment setup. Luckily, Rasmus has done most of the work for us!

    2. Run Time 3:17 Free

      In addition to more complex typehints, in PHP 7, we now have the ability to typehint scalars. Let me show you!

    3. Run Time 3:00 Free

      If you wish, you may now declare return types for your interfaces and methods.

    4. Run Time 9:21 Free

      The "spaceship" operator is definitely confusing at first to understand. Let's review a few examples to figure it out.

    5. Run Time 1:31 Free

      Remember the days of checking whether a variable 'isset', and using the result to respond in one of two ways? Cumbersome would be an understatement! Luckily, with PHP7, the process is much simpler.

    6. Run Time 2:08 Free

      While not a huge new feature, you now, if you wish, may group your "use" import statements.

    7. Run Time 5:04 Free

      Much like anonymous functions, in PHP 7, you now have the ability to create anonymous classes. They're definitely not for everything, but you might find some good use-cases from time to time.

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