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About This Episode

The key to OOP is undestanding that objects send messages to one another. So far, we've exclusively worked with single classes, but that's not even remotely indicative of a real-world application. So, let's take a step up the ladder, and talk about communication.

Published on Nov 11th, 2015.


    1. Classes

      EPISODE 1 10:05 Free
    2. Getters and Setters

      EPISODE 2 7:19
    3. Encapsulation

      EPISODE 3 5:30
    4. Inheritance

      EPISODE 4 16:12
    5. Messages 101

      EPISODE 5 11:07
    6. Statics and Constants

      EPISODE 7 11:19
    7. Interfaces

      EPISODE 8 19:13
    8. A Review

      EPISODE 10 15:09
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