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Hi, I'm Jeffrey. I'm the creator of Laracasts and spend most of days building the site and thinking of new ways to teach confusing concepts. I live in Orlando, Florida with my wife and two kids.

About This Episode

A project I'm working on required that a front page headline display as typed text in real-time. You've seen this effect before, where it appears as if somebody behind the scenes is typing out each letter. I recently learned a fun technique from Lea Verou that makes this possible with CSS alone. Let's learn how.

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Published on Oct 11th, 2016.


    1. EPISODE 1 25:08 Free
    2. EPISODE 2 10:31
    3. EPISODE 3 13:10
    4. EPISODE 5 14:10
    5. EPISODE 7 15:14 Free
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