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About This Episode

Often, you'll find yourself in the position of wanting a form to submit asynchronously. Or, in other words, rather than performing a full post back to the server and refreshing the page, we'd rather opt for a simple AJAX request behind the scenes. Well at this point in your learning, you already know one way to hijack a form's submission, but what if we could instead create a reusable Vue directive to simplify things? What if we could simply add v-ajax to a form tag, and have it automatically switch to using AJAX for its submission?

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Published on Jan 21st, 2016.


    1. Hello Databinding

      EPISODE 1 5:02 Free
    2. Vue Show

      EPISODE 2 4:20 Free
    3. Event Handling

      EPISODE 3 6:17 Free
    4. A Peek into Components

      EPISODE 4 11:12 Free
    5. Computed Properties

      EPISODE 5 6:14 Free
    6. Subscription Plans Exercise

      EPISODE 6 16:17 Free
    7. Custom Components 101

      EPISODE 8 5:34 Free
    8. Vue Makes it so Easy

      EPISODE 9 7:26 Free
    9. Vue, Laravel, and AJAX

      EPISODE 10 12:27 Free
    10. Vue Resource

      EPISODE 11 6:22 Free
    11. Component Exercise #1

      EPISODE 12 8:27 Free
    12. Vue Filter Essentials

      EPISODE 14 7:26 Free
    13. Managing Custom Events

      EPISODE 15 8:22 Free
    14. Alert Component From Scratch

      EPISODE 21 13:36 Free
    15. Vue Mixins

      EPISODE 22 6:42 Free
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