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Published on Jul 2nd, 2018

Once your domain is configured with Laravel Forge, you can optionally configure a redirect to point non-www traffic to the www version, or of course the other way around. Let's learn how to do this in Forge.


    1. Say Hello To Forge

      Free Episode 4:05
    2. Why Forge

      Free Episode 4:24
    3. Your First Project

      Free Episode 8:36
    4. Provision a Load Balancer

      Free Episode 2:50
    5. Manage Your Databases

      Free Episode 6:23
    6. Modify Your PHP Settings

      Free Episode 1:59
    7. Scheduling Tasks

      Free Episode 4:07
    8. Using Daemons

      Free Episode 3:11
    9. Server Monitoring Tools

      Free Episode 5:09
    10. Setup Custom Git Remotes

      Free Episode 3:27
    11. Deployment Notifications

      Free Episode 3:13
    12. Edit Environment Files

      Free Episode 1:58
    13. Queues

      Free Episode 5:13
    14. SSL on Forge

      Free Episode 3:29
    15. Redirect Traffic

      Free Episode 2:47
    16. Use the Forge SDK

      Free Episode 7:55
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