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Hi, I'm Jeffrey. I'm the creator of Laracasts and spend most of my days building the site and thinking of new ways to teach confusing concepts. I live in Orlando, Florida with my wife and two kids.

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Published on Mar 10th, 2021

The way you approach form handling largely depends on your chosen development stack. You might build classic forms for a traditional server-side app. If you, say, pull in Laravel Livewire, you'll likely wrap and process your form in a Livewire component (removing the need for a second route endpoint to catch the form submission). On the other hand, if you're building an SPA with Vue and Inertia, you'll want to submit the form as part of an AJAX call. Let's review how Ping does it.

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  1. Section 1 Up and Running

    1. Hello Ping

      Free Episode 5:07 View Source
    2. Routing to Vue Components

      Free Episode 14:28
  2. Section 2 My Questions

    1. How Do I Share Data

      Free Episode 7:55
    2. How Do I Work With Forms

      Free Episode 7:44
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