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Laravel Nova Mastery

The latest first-party offering from the creators of Laravel is finally here. Laravel Nova is a gorgeous backend tool for configuring and administering your various database tables.

In this series, Marcel Pociot will demonstrate how to get up and running with Nova as quickly as possible. From the basic installation steps, all the way up to generating metrics and custom themes, this is your one-stop shop for Nova mastery. Ready to get started?

15 episodes
2:22:51 hrs
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    1. Run Time 2:23 Free

      Before we dive into the features of Nova, let's review a quick outline of this course, and which features Nova provides out of the box.

    2. Run Time 6:26 Free

      In this lesson, we'll review how to install and setup Nova within a new Laravel application.

    3. Run Time 6:36 Free

      Now that you've installed Nova, let's learn how you can define and register your own custom resources so that you can manage them in your Nova application.

    4. Run Time 10:04 Free

      In this next episode, we'll take a look at the various resource fields that Nova provides. We can add WYSIWYG editors, Datetime fields, Boolean fields and much more to our resources.

    5. Run Time 9:57 Free

      In this next screencast, we'll take a look at how you can use Laravel Nova to manage your resource relationships. It doesn't matter whether you have a BelongsTo, HasMany or BelongsToMany relationship; Laravel Nova makes configuring and using your model relations a cinch!

    6. Run Time 4:37 Free

      Your resources now contain various fields, but they lack one important feature: validation. In this next screencast, we'll add the necessary validation rules to our resources to prevent invalid input.

    7. Run Time 9:45 Free

      In practically every admin panel, you'll eventually need to specify different forms of authorization. For example, an administrator can perform tasks that a regular user is not allowed to do. In this episode, we will find out how to specify who can access which parts of your resources.

    8. Run Time 6:20 Free

      With built-in search capabilities in Nova, let's dig into how you can enable or disable searching for your resources, how you can use Laravel Scout to enable fuzzy-search, and how to modify the output of the search results.

    9. Run Time 8:27 Free

      In this next episode, we'll learn how to customize the listing of your resources by using custom filters and "lenses" in Laravel Nova.

    10. Run Time 14:10 Free

      Laravel Nova ships with countless customization options for you to take advantage of. One of these options is called "Actions". Let's see how we can attach an action to our resources in order to perform custom tasks with.

    11. Run Time 21:48 Free

      One thing that comes to mind, when you think of adminstration panels is metrics: being able to quickly calculate and review key statistics in your application. Laravel Nova makes the process of adding and configuring metrics as easy as possible. Let's review how it works.

    12. Run Time 15:22 Free

      Sometimes, your application may require a custom page inside of Nova. Doing so will provide a place for you to have complete control over what is displayed and what you can do. Let's dig into the creation of a custom tool to achieve this.

    13. Run Time 11:07 Free

      With the addition of metrics in Laravel Nova, we've already reviewed what a "card" in Nova looks like. In this next episode, we'll create our own custom card that contains a digital clock. Once created, we can attach it to the dashboard and our resource page.

    14. Run Time 9:47 Free

      In this next screencast, we'll review how to create custom fields to use in your resources. For example, perhaps you want to create a custom color-picker, a tag input field, or something completely different. Laravel Nova provides you the tools you need to prepare any of these sorts of fields.

    15. Run Time 6:02 Free

      With our Nova application ready to go, let's learn how you can modify the look and feel of Nova by modifying the package views and creating your own custom Nova theme.