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In this series, for each episode, I'll answer one Laravel-related question that has cropped up in the Laracasts community. Who knows, maybe your question will be the next one I answer in video form!

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  • Latest Episode: Explain PHP Generators

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    1. First up in this series, we'll answer a question related to the Gate facade, and how it locates the appropriate underlying instance to resolve out of Laravel's service container.

    2. Laravel's real-time facades feel like magic - in the best possible way. You try it out, it works, and you think to yourself, " on earth did they do that?" Well, I'll show you exactly how it works. We'll even make our own custom facade generator for learning purposes.

    3. PHP generators can be confusing to understand. Why and when would I reach for them? The easiest answer to this question is when you're working with very large datasets. A generator allows us to circumvent memory limit concerns by iterating over data without first building up a large array in memory.

      As of Laravel 6, generators are now used when lazy-loading collections.

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*Series still in development. Check back often for updates.