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Greetings! I'm Andre, a full-stack web developer and Laracasts instructor. My other hobbies include playing guitar, videography and gaming.

About This Episode

Published on Jan 6th, 2021

Let's now review Jetstream’s API tokens feature. This is technically a feature of Laravel Sanctum, but Jetstream includes all the necessary frontend views and scaffolding to accomplish this. API Tokens allow you to issue API tokens / personal access tokens that may be used to authenticate API requests to your application.

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  1. Section 1 Laravel Breeze

  2. Section 2 Laravel Jetstream

    1. Customize Views

      Free Episode 11:46 View Source
    2. Actions

      Free Episode 15:28 View Source
  3. Section 3 Laravel Fortify

    1. Reset Passwords

      Episode Available In: 2 days
    2. Profile and Password Updates

      Episode Available In: 3 days
    3. Password Confirmation

      Episode Available In: 4 days
    4. Two-Factor Authentication

      Episode Available In: 5 days
    5. API Usage

      Episode Available In: 6 days
    6. SPA Authentication With Sanctum

      Episode Available In: 1 week
    7. Mobile App Authentication With Sanctum

      Episode Available In: 1 week
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