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Laravel and the Front-end

Let's take a break from the back-end, and instead focus on that other world: the front-end! Don't worry, Laravel 5 has made this process as enjoyable as it can be. We'll review everything from Bower to Laravel Elixir.

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    1. Run Time 6:21 Free

      Before we fully dive in, give me just a few moments to detail the new terrain.

    2. Run Time 5:14

      Laravel 5 ships with some helpful Bower configuration. Think of Bower as "Composer for the front-end." It's incredibly simple to use.

    3. Let's now focus our energy on Laravel Elixir. We'll begin by reviewing how easy it is to compile your Sass, Less, or CoffeeScript files.

    4. To save on countless HTTP requests, you'll often want to merge, or concatenate, any number of stylesheets or scripts. Let me show you how to do this, using Laravel Elixir.

    5. Run Time 4:04

      We can also use Elixir to assist with test-driven development. Let me show you what I mean!

    6. Run Time 8:34

      If Laravel includes Twitter Bootstrap out of the box, then it makes sense for us to take at least a few moments to review the basic workflow.

    7. Run Time 7:31

      Elixir and Gulp can easily assist you, when it comes to the versioning of files. If you've been manually updating your file paths to force cache-busting, you're in for a treat. Trust me, this is a cinch!

    8. Run Time 9:32 Free

      Elixir includes Browserify support with EcmaScript 6 transformation straight out of the box. It literally couldn't be simpler. In this video, I'll demonstrate the basic workflow you'll use for your own applications.

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