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Laravel 5 Alpha From Scratch

So you've chosen to learn Laravel? Excellent choice! I can't recommend it enough. In this series, step by step, I'll show you the ins and outs of developing an application with this wonderful framework. Let's get going!

Please note that Laravel 5 has not yet been released. Anything and everything may change. This series is exclusively for getting an early peek.

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2:05:21 hrs
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Notification bell This series has been archived. We instead recommend: Laravel 5.7 From Scratch A series is marked as archived when the content is no longer up-to-date or relevant to most viewers.
  • Latest Episode: Deleting Records and Helpers

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    1. Run Time 6:20 Free

      If you're switching to Laravel from a framework like CodeIgniter, then you'll first need to learn about Composer. Think of it as a required prerequisite to learning Laravel.

    2. Run Time 4:29 Free

      Now that we're a bit more familiar with Composer, we can move on to installing Laravel and booting up a server!

    3. Run Time 7:07 Free

      What if you worked through the first two lessons, but hit some kind of hurdle? Maybe your version of PHP doesn't meet Laravel's requirements (5.4), or maybe you don't have the Mcrypt extension installed. Well, instead, why don't we leverage a virtual machine for our development needs. And, luckily, Laravel once again makes this process a cinch!

    4. Let's take baby steps, and figure out how to build your basic static web pages. In the process, you'll get your first taste of routing, controllers, and views.

    5. Run Time 6:16 Free

      Naturally, we need some way to pass data to our views. Let's review that in this lesson, while also touching upon some Blade constructs.

    6. Run Time 6:26 Free

      Imagine that you run the greatest Justin Bieber fanclub website of all time, and now want to add a section of your website that lists all of his songs, as well as the lyrics. How might we go about implementing such a thing?

    7. Run Time 9:19 Free

      We naturally don't want to hard-code our song-list. Let's switch over to an SQLite database, which will give us a chance to review migrations!

    8. In this episode, you'll learn how to create your first Eloquent model. Additionally, for those wanting extra credit, at the end of the video, we'll discuss route model binding.

    9. Lots to learn in this episode, so be prepared! As we learn how to update a database record with Eloquent, we'll also need to review everything from form model binding, to mass assignment, to REST.

    10. Run Time 8:18 Free

      Notice how we're having to create a bunch of routes for such a common task? Well, luckily, we can simplify this greatly!

    11. Run Time 7:31 Free

      What might be a potential downside to hardcoding all of your application URLs? Well, if, in the future, you decide to change any of them, you'll then have to update every single view, where the URL was referenced. Hmm - think there might be a way around this?

    12. Let's continue our learning by figuring out how to add new songs to the database. In the process, we'll also discuss view partials.

    13. Run Time 10:07 Free

      In Laravel 5, form validation is a cinch. In fact, in this lesson, you'll learn how to start validating your forms, without adding a single line of code to your controllers!

    14. Let's review the process of deleting records, while also touching upon Composer and its ability to autoload regular files.