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Intuitive Integration Testing

The reality is that, sometimes, you don't require a big testing framework to help orchestrate conversations with the business, design your objects, and more. Sometimes, you just want to ensure that the dang thing works like you expect, with as little configuration as possible! In these situations, the Laracasts Integrated package is exactly what you need.

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    1. To get started, we'll learn how easy it is to setup the Integrated package, and will then move on to basic usage of the package within a fresh raw PHP application.

    2. Run Time 18:19 Free

      Now that you understand the basics of the API, let's switch over to Laravel usage. I think you'll love the simplicity of it!

      Update: You now must extend the Laracasts\Integrated\Extensions\Laravel class from your tests/TestCase.php file.

    3. Run Time 4:01 Free

      If we're using tools like TestDummy to populate our database tables with records for our tests, then we need a way to clean things up after each test completes. This is where database transactions come into play. Luckily, this is an easy one. Import a trait from the Integrated package, and you're done!

    4. In this video, we'll review some example workflow, when using Integrated with the Laravel extension. You'll also learn about how to create your own custom methods that work alongside this package.

    5. Run Time 14:04

      When you use the Selenium extension for Integrated, the API is identical (plus some browser-specific actions). This means, you can automate the browser with minimal effort.

    6. Run Time 10:03

      Need to test your own JSON APIs? No problem. I'll show you how to tackle that with the Integrated package.

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