How to Create Custom Laravel Presets

Laravel ships with a small handful of custom front-end presets, but if you'd like to tailor the scaffolding specifically to your needs and preferences, no problem! It's easy. If you have a half-hour to spare, in this series I'll show you exactly how to tweak the configuration.

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  • 01

    Episode 1 Run Time 6:12

    Macro it Up Free

    Laravel presets allow us to configure the initial front-end scaffolding for any new Laravel project. While the framework ships with a few options out of the box, if you wish, you can create and distribute your own presets. To begin, we'll leverage Laravel's Macroable trait to construct a new preset type.

  • 02

    Episode 2 Run Time 7:16

    Tweak Your NPM Scripts Free

    You'll likely want to replace or remove a number of the default npm packages that are included out of the box. Luckily, Laravel offers a method to assist with this.

  • 03

    Episode 3 Run Time 3:59

    Stubs Free

    In this episode, we'll create a handful of stubs. In this context, a stub is simply a placeholder file that is constructed exactly as we wish for it to appear in our project.

  • 04

    Episode 4 Run Time 6:01

    Distribute a Composer Package Free

    Now that our preset is mostly complete, the next step is to distribute it as a reusable Composer package. Don't worry, it's easy.

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  • 05

    Episode 5 Run Time 3:08

    Final Tweaks Free

    Now that anyone can pull in our preset, let's make a few final tweaks and call it a series!

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