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Your Teacher | Jeffrey Way

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Hi, I'm Jeffrey. I'm the creator of Laracasts and spend most of my days building the site and thinking of new ways to teach confusing concepts. I live in Orlando, Florida with my wife and two kids.

About This Episode

Published on Nov 11th, 2015

When you need to create a file, do you open the sidebar, toggle a number of folder trees, right-click, and then choose "New File"? That's so much work! Instead, let me demonstrate how to use the floating directory tree for these sorts of tasks.


  1. Section 1 Aesthetics

    1. Hello

      Free Episode 32
    2. Minimalism

      Free Episode 7:14
    3. Color IDE

      Free Episode 34
  2. Section 2 We Need Speed

    1. Two Important Keybindings

      Free Episode 4:27
    2. Create New Files Quickly

      Free Episode 1:26
    3. Custom File Templates

      Free Episode 2:23
    4. Live Templates

      Free Episode 6:11
    5. Custom Formatting

      Free Episode 4:23
  3. Section 3 Refactoring

    1. Refactoring: Pull Up

      Free Episode 2:31
  4. Section 4 Faster, Faster

    1. Fast Composition

      Free Episode 3:20
    2. Multiple Cursors

      Free Episode 2:33
    3. Splits

      Free Episode 2:22
    4. Vi-Mode With Mappings

      Free Episode 4:11
  5. Section 5 Debugging

    1. Xdebug

      Free Episode 10:25
    2. Xdebug and Laravel

      Free Episode 3:23
  6. Section 6 Advanced Usage

    1. Testing in PHPStorm

      Free Episode 3:35
    2. Code Coverage

      Free Episode 4:26
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