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The programming world is far too big for one person. With that in mind, for this series, I've invited a number of special guests to teach you what they know best.

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  • Latest Episode: Tips for Simplifying Laravel Controllers

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    1. Our first guest spotlight is Dries Vints, who works on Laravel as part of the core team. In this episode, he'll show you the ins ands out of managing and organizing dotfiles on your Mac. Have you ever reinstalled your OS, only to spend days downloading and reimplementing your preferences and settings? What if you could instead place this configuration under version control and restore it with only a command or two?

    2. In this lesson, Jose Soto will show you, step by step, how easy it can be to maintain local database management systems on your machine, using Docker.

    3. Searchable, sortable tables or data are a common requirement in web apps. Today, Caleb Porzio walks us through building a custom data-table using a new tool he’s been developing called Livewire. He'll explain what Livewire is, how it works, and show us how we can use it to build interactive UIs without writing a single line of JavaScript!

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      Caleb Porzio returns this week to provide an in depth review of lookup tables. Lookup tables are a lesser known, but extremely versatile and powerful little pattern. We’ll use them to clean up some long conditionals, and then explore how they can help us share backend business logic with the frontend.

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    5. In this lesson, Freek Van der Herten stops by to demonstrate several tips for simplifying your controllers.

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