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Envoyer deploys your PHP applications with zero downtime. Just push your code, and let Envoyer deliver your application to one or many servers without interrupting a single customer. In this series, we'll discuss each feature of Envoyer, demonstrating how to use them with a sample project.

10 episodes
36:03 mins
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  • Episode 1 Run Time 5:32

    Welcome. In this video, I'll introduce you to Envoyer; a brand new way to deploy PHP and Laravel applications with zero downtime.

  • Episode 2 Run Time 3:01

    In this video, we'll talk a bit more about what Envoyer does behind the scenes, when we deploy our applications.

  • Episode 3 Run Time 2:20

    Let's discuss deployment health and rollbacks with Envoyer in this episode.

  • Episode 4 Run Time 4:10

    Now, let's talk about deployment hooks in Envoyer. You'll learn about the default hooks, and even how to add new custom ones.

  • Episode 5 Run Time 3:01

    What happens when something goes wrong with your server deployments? Well, as you'll learn, Envoyer will cancel the deployment, and your application will remain unaffected.

  • Episode 6 Run Time 4:12

    In this video, let's discuss Envoyer's multi-server deployment capabilities.

  • Episode 7 Run Time 2:04

    In this lesson, we'll review Envoyer's notification capabilities, such as the ability to update Slack upon deployment.

  • Episode 8 Run Time 5:09

    Heartbeats offer a great way to monitor cron jobs for your applications. For example, they can inform you if, for some reason, they've stopped running. Let me show you.

  • Episode 9 Run Time 4:12

    Let's review environment management with Envoyer in this episode. If you have multiple servers, managing your environment file can prove to be somewhat cumbersome. Luckily, with Envoyer, the whole process is much simpler!

  • Episode 10 Run Time 2:22

    Collaborators are not required to have paid accounts, in order to collaborate with a particular project owner. In this lesson, I'll give you the specifics.

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