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Eloquent Techniques

For any Laravel user, a solid understanding of Eloquent is crucial. In this series, we'll review a number of key techniques for your toolbelt.

4 episodes
50:20 mins
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    1. Run Time 5:35 Free

      Database transactions can be enormously useful in the instances where you want to roll back all database modifications, in the event that an exception is thrown along the way.

    2. Let's say your app offers documents, which any user may modify. If you wanted to track each adjustment (who made the adjustment, and when it was made), how exactly would you accomplish this?

    3. Run Time 14:06

      Building upon our example from the previous episode, let's now figure out how we might record changes to our models. For example, if a user updates the title of a particular document, let's learn how to also record/track the old and new title, in the process.

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    4. If you only need to check one or two parameters from the query string to filter a bit of data, performing that logic in the controller is simple enough. But now imagine an e-commerce site, where there are dozens of ways to filter the data. What else might be possibility?

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