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About This Episode

For our next demo project, let's create a simple app that allows a person to type in a GitHub username, and then see a link to that user's most recent Gist. This will give us the opportunity to review a few new important concepts.

Published on Nov 11th, 2015.


    1. A Teaser

      EPISODE 1 5:10 Free
    2. Hello World With React

      EPISODE 2 4:31 Free
    3. Props

      EPISODE 3 3:20 Free
    4. The jQuery Dilemma

      EPISODE 5 10:35 Free
    5. Multiple Components and Tasks

      EPISODE 6 11:29 Free
    6. GistBox

      EPISODE 7 17:20
    7. Refs

      EPISODE 9 16:04
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