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While it's sometimes fun to imagine Laravel and Symfony locked in battle, the reality is that Laravel leverages a number of excellent Symfony components. In this series, one by one, we'll review a variety of these very components.

4 episodes
45:16 mins
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      Need to whip up a quick command line executable to perform any number of actions? Luckily, Symfony's console component makes this all a cinch!

    2. Run Time 7:52 Free

      The finder component, with its perfectly intuitive API, is easily one of my favorite Symfony offerings. When you need to fetch a set of files or directories, based upon file type, creation date, file contents, and more, this component is definitely up for the job.

    3. Run Time 3:55 Free

      In this episode, we'll quickly review Symfony's VarDumper component, which, again, Laravel leverages behind the scenes. As you'll see, it provides significantly better output when dumping variables to the page.

    4. Laravel heavily leverages Symfony's event dispatcher component. This component is a perfect fit for the situations when you want to decouple your code, make an announcement to the rest of your application, and then respond to that announcement in any number of ways.

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*Series still in development. Check back often for updates.