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About This Episode

In our next practice session, we need to build a class that will automatically translate a number into its roman numeral counterpart. As with the previous episode, we'll use TDD and PHPSpec to drive this process.

Homework: what would happen if the user passed 0 to our converter? Shouldn't we take exception to that? On your own, implement this functionality using TDD.

View the source for this lesson (and the homework solution) on GitHub.

Published on Nov 11th, 2015.


    1. Prime Factors

      EPISODE 1 19:08 Free
    2. Roman Numerals

      EPISODE 2 16:23
    3. Bowling Game

      EPISODE 3 24:31
    4. String Calculator

      EPISODE 4 16:04
    5. Tennis Scoring

      EPISODE 5 30:27
    6. FizzBuzz

      EPISODE 6 9:34 Free
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