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About This Episode

We can successfully drag and drop any number of photos onto the page, but we don't yet have a way to remove them. Let's fix that in this video, while also creating a helper function to simplify the tedious process of creating forms for the sole purpose of submitting "PATCH" and "DELETE" requests.

Published on Nov 11th, 2015.


    1. Purchasing the Domain

      EPISODE 1 1:28 Free
    2. Initial Setup

      EPISODE 2 3:26 Free
    3. The Flyer Form

      EPISODE 5 9:13
    4. Bulk File Uploads

      EPISODE 11 25:08
    5. Thumbnails

      EPISODE 13 14:34
    6. Unit Testing

      EPISODE 17 11:23
    7. Lightbox It

      EPISODE 18 2:31
    8. Deleting Photos

      EPISODE 19 11:13
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