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Build "ProjectFlyer" With Me

In this series, from scratch, you'll come along with me as I build a web app, called "Project Flyer." We'll tackle everything from the domain name purchase, to the deployment.

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    1. Run Time 1:28 Free

      To begin our series, we'll purchase the domain name from Hover.

    2. Run Time 3:26 Free

      We have the typical work to do first, such as initializing Git, creating our database, and other similar tasks.

    3. We'll naturally be making use of Laravel Elixir and Gulp in this series, so let's get all of that setup.

    4. Let's a do a quick bit of "design" on the home page, and then figure out the correct resources for representing our flyers.

    5. Run Time 9:13

      Let's get started on the main flyer form. This is what users will fill out to generate their home landing page.

    6. We have our form, but we've haven't built up our migrations or models just yet. Let's tackle that.

    7. If we can't store "photo" as a column on our flyers table, then we'll need to use a "has many" relationship instead. Let's setup that relationship with Eloquent in this episode.

    8. Let's process the main flyer form. We'll need to apply some validation, persist the flyer, and redirect.

    9. Let's write an elegant flash messaging API that leverages the Sweet Alert JavaScript library.

    10. We're about ready to start working on the actual flyer page. Let's begin getting that setup, while preparing the proper URI.

    11. Run Time 25:08

      Let's start tackling the process of allowing users to upload photos for their flyers. It would be great if they could drag and drop a series of images onto the page, so let's make that happen, using Dropzone.js!

    12. We've decided that you can't create a new flyer, until you've registered. Fair enough. Let's enforce that in this lesson!

    13. Run Time 14:34

      Currently, when a user uploads a set of images, we immediately display them on the main flyer page - regardless of how large they are. Instead, let's use the Intervention library to create a 200x200 thumbnail for each upload.

    14. At the moment, we haven't written any logic to protect users from others uploading photos to their flyer. We can't have that! In this lesson, I'll demonstrate a number of ways to authorize users.

    15. Let's continue refactoring our code, as we examine alternative possibilities for structuring things.

    16. Let's continue our review of various ways to structure our code, while making a number of tweaks.

    17. Run Time 11:23

      The truth is that we have to take shortcuts sometimes in these videos. To cram the entire process of building an app down to a few hours is a fairly difficult task. Nonetheless, it's implied that you're testing your code. Let's review what that might look like, using the class we built in the previous episode.

    18. Run Time 2:31

      Right now, we can view the thumbnails for our homes, but clearly we need to see the full-sized versions, too! Let's opt for a drop-in lightbox to solve this.

    19. Run Time 11:13

      We can successfully drag and drop any number of photos onto the page, but we don't yet have a way to remove them. Let's fix that in this video, while also creating a helper function to simplify the tedious process of creating forms for the sole purpose of submitting "PATCH" and "DELETE" requests.

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