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Greetings! I'm Andre, a full-stack web developer and Laracasts instructor. My other hobbies include playing guitar, videography and gaming.

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Published on Mar 17th, 2021

Let's begin with a demo of the final voting app you'll building in this series, as well as a quick overview of its potential future features.

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  1. Section 1 Introduction

    1. Introduction and Demo

      Free Episode 3:31
  2. Section 2 Implement the Design

    1. Idea Cards

      Free Episode 24:30 View Source
  3. Section 3 Viewing Ideas

  4. Section 4 Creating Ideas

  5. Section 5 Voting for Ideas

  6. Section 6 Filtering Ideas

  7. Section 7 Admin: Set Status

    1. Notify All Voters

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