Office 365 Calendar in a Laravel app

Hey guys, I am currently looking to implement Office 365 in a new app which would allow an office 365 user to manage their calendar through the app. I was wondering...

DUPLICATE the default laravel 5 Auth component

how to DUPLICATE the default laravel 5 Auth component in the proper way ? no external package needed. i'm developing ecommerce solution and i have to clearly separate betwe...

How to specify a different database port?

I'm trying to set up a Postgresql database that doesn't use the default port (which I think is 5432). How do I specify it? Do I add a colon plus the port number at t...

Lumen not support optional route parameters

Lumen not support Optional Route Parameters like below Route::get('user/{name?}', function($name = null) { return $name; }); if you use $app->get('user/{na...

trying to rewrite whereas to join

I have this eloquent query working: return Project::with('projectcontributions','contributinginstitutions','species','countries','locations') -&g...

Hide Already Watched Option

It would be really helpful to me to have an option to hide already watched videos. I have been consuming videos pretty rapidly, and it would be great to limit the listing t...

Want to call a query from a controller

This query below works great. Only trouble is, it works great from within a single controller. I want to place it in the model so I can access it from multiple controllers....

How To Integrate Ck Finder With Ck Editor

Can any one tells me how can i integrate Ck Finder with My Ck Editor Dont find any proper documentation . Can any One helps me...

How CsrfToken works

I am having a continuous issue with csrf token. When i post my from i always get this annoying token mismatch exception. How actually these token works and how can i overco...

Is it possible to match an unlimited amount of segments in lumen?

Is it possible to match an unlimited amount of segments as one with lumen's router? (I found this for laravel)...

Form Request Validation not working

It seems like my validation rules are not working. I have multiple DBs but I only used 'name' => 'required' I tried to return false on...

Vue + React

Since I only code as a hobby and don't have much experience with it, this might be a dumb question. Anyway... Would it be redundant to use both VueJs and ReactJs together?...

Changing Domain in Integrated Testing

I am creating a multisite CMS and I need to be able to test my services via different domains with the Laracasts Integrated test package. Is there a way to tell Integrated...

OAuth2 Setup

Hi Laracasts, I followed this article written by @esbenp to se...

Api keys stored in config.

Hi, I have a file called Keys.php in app/config/keys.php And use them with Config::get('keys')['mykey']; The keys are pretty...

Reserved column names

Sorry, the quote is transformed to bold text :s... I'm talking about the sign above this รจ Hi, I'm building an application which uses an existing database. O...

S3 file upload

Hi, I try to understand how can I manage to upload mp3 files to S3. This is for a small podcast application. I have the following co...

Scheduling in Laravel 4

I'm new to laravel and development in general, but have built out a simple CRUD blog app in Laravel 4 (so proud). I'd ultimately like to turn this into a very simple...

PHPStorm - how to select all keys or all values of an array on multiple lines?

I have asked a question on stackoverflow, but had no luck yet with it. I would like to know how to select things like this in PHPStorm. Jeffery was talking about a V...

Chaining custom validation messages.

I have pretty repetitive custom validation messages $messages = array( 'day.required' => 'The day should be between 1 and 31', 'day.min' => 'Th...
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