Pagination and Eager Loading

My Controller method is: $topics=Topic::with(array('subtopics'=>function($query){ $query->with('resources')->orderBy('glc_subto...

Change a github branch for a site already setup with Forge

The only way I've been able to change the branch used for deployment in Forge is to remove the repository and add it again. Would be helpful if the...

Cant understand What I am doing wrong

Here is a link to my github with the project. I am simpl...

Posting portfolio item

Hi, Just as a practice to combine some stuff i'm learning here I am building a portfolio site. Got it all kinda working and a portf...

Where to place a Laravel Project ???

Jeff, First of all I gotta tell you that I love the way you teach. I love the speed at which you cover the various topics and the clarity you provi...

[discussion] where should I handle exceptions?

I currently build a service that have some validation, some business rules, and small checks. Now My question is should I handle the except...

Pulling my hair out

I;m trying to upload an image or multiple images and keep getting Call to a member function getClientOriginalExtension() on a non-object...

OMG Relationships ... Double Dot Notation???

I have a series of related tables -- crops->cropdetails->cropyields -- that I am trying to query and return. When I do the following, only...

Need some guidance !

In lines 117-153 of adminpetitioncontroller.php file :

Incremental API: How do I use Transformers to structure API response?

I have a large dataset returned when I query the Loans table. I would like to return it in chunks that corresponds to the related database tables t...

Having trouble defining an eloquent relationship

So I have a feature where people can search up their vehicle and see the products and colors that are available. They select make, model, and year...

How can I declare a before filter on a route:resource?

I've tried several things and googled, but only achieved using a group. What I'm looking for is something like: Route::resource('ap...

elqoquent one to one weird relationship

I have my posts table: posts: id, user_id, content, image_id and I have my user uploads table:...

File uploads with repository and polymorphic relation

Hey, how you would handle file uploads thru a repository with polymorphic relations? I'm stuck and can't get my head around. Some hints? :)...

test api with codeception has a weird bug

I'm trying to create tests for my api, and when I do a login I get this weird error:

Search Results Paginate

This is my little search function. $query = Request::get('q'); if ($query) { $posts = Post::where('titl...

Path for Testing an Application

Hey Guys, So here is the story. I have recently finished the major part of converting a page based app (/login.php /register.php etc) into...

Promo code for PhpStorm

Is there a Laracasts promo code members can use to buy a PhpStorm licence?...

Updating published package assets if source changes

Hello all, Say I have some assets published in a laravel app from an installed package which I also maintain. Is it possible to update thes...

Test Failing but app working in Form Validation

Laracasts\Validation\FormValidationException: Validation failed Scenario Steps: 9. I click "Sign Up" THIS IS RED 8. I fill field "Password...