New Saas in Laravel 5.1 - MySQL or PostgreSQL?

Hey everyone, I'm creating a new SaaS app in Laravel 5.1 and I'm using a cloud-hosted linux box and Laravel Forge to setup the production server. Do you think...

vimeo api

Hey this is my first time to work with vimeo first i'am making a courses site like laracasts for animation principles and i want to know can i test it before i publish my s...

Using Pheanstalkd on a different port

By default, Beanstalkd uses port 11300. However, it appears something is using that port so I have to use 11305. Is there any way to define this port for Lumen to us...

How to make PHPStorm to jump directly to inserted PHPDoc?

Hello, when watching Jeff's videos he always immediately inserts PHPDoc which I also would like to do for myself. Now when we generates the PHP doc in his vid...

Some question

I would like to have better understanding this stuff: If I would like to manage more server from digital ocean for example, can I do it with the basic 10USD /...

Entities with constructor

Hey everybody, I'm currently playing around with entities. We have a PHP backend which communicates with a Scala backend using JSON objects. What we would lik...

Video recording package for Laravel or PHP [on hold]

Could you please help me to find best video recording packages for Laravel compatible with Firefox, Chrome and Safari? Really I am stuck on this section....

Where do I put a snippet to run on every page load.

I am using a guests online/offline feature. I called Online::updateCurrent(); from the AppServiceProvider.php but the code never worked. It wasn't...

Sorting db rows with eloquent

I have a user and referral table with a one-to-many relationship. I'm trying to get the rank of a user based on referral count compared to other users. I only got as far as...

API route in blade for AJAX use

Hey everyone. I usually make use of HTML Forms and AJAX via jQuery's $.get and $.post functions in my Laravel applications. I was wondering if there's a better way t...

Form model binding directing to wrong URI

I have an FAQ controller with routes defined as: Route::group(['middleware' => 'role:administrator'], function () { //Admin Routes Route::resource...

Auth::check() not working in Model

When I die/dump the data I get a return of "false". Even though I'm logged in it's returning false. What am I doing wrong? This is the code so far:...

Prevent/alert admin users from working on the same application

Hey everyone. Apologies if the title wasn't clear, I struggled to sum up the issue in a few words. I'm going to begin working on an application that will show...

How to start learning Laravel

Hi guys! So... I've been wanting to start to learn Laravel for almost 2 years already. But everytime I start I kind of get stuck questioning myself how I'm going to...

variable problem

Hi, is it okay in my controller I have this code $i=0; <--- Is this okay to put here or should I put on top then declare it private. foreach($myarray as $arr){...

Echoing data with vuejs in laravel

I am currently printing out some vue.js data in laravel like so: <a href="/beers/@{{ }}"> <img src="...

Registration Process

On my app registration page I have the user select a phone number they would like (twilio) and billing information. The postRegister method is where I create the user, star...

what is php developer

my question is i'am a laravel developer does this enough i now php angular js javascript and the basics html css and bootstrap is that make me a web...

Laravel - Apache case insensitive urls

Hello, I have two websites on a VPS , one laravel application(4.2) and a simple php website. I enabled mod_speling on apache2.conf CheckSpellin...

why is Laravel so hard to install?

virtual box - easy vagrant - easy composer - easy homestead - worse install experience ever. fails to download 7 times. composer says it installs laravel, yet after...
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