Flash message exists in other requests

I am using session flash to show the response. But when I navigate to other pages, it still exists. I am using the common view to show response and it's there on my all the...

no work Auth::login($usuario) == null

no work Auth::login($usuario) //auth.php 'driver' => 'ldap', //AuthController.php $usuario = User::where('username',$request->...

Any way to make a VM available through the local network?

I'm stuck since months with this. Is there any of you who can access to his Homestead VM (or any other Vagrant VM, it doesn't matter) through his local network? I mean,...

Exception Handler and prepare response

Hi there, I have an odd scenario which caused problem in my app. I handle validation errors by throwing Exceptions. // doing some work if ($shouldRelo...

Customise "Sorry, the page you are looking for could not be found." message/page

Is there a way to either customise this message/page Sorry, the page you are looking for could not be found. For example when a route doesn'...

Blade template, $ is not defined when @include

Hi, I have 3 file view blade template, rather easy, but I run into a problem where I couldn't use Jquery. This is my 3 blade template: First, app.blade.php...

Broadcasting events with Postgres

Heeey, since you guys have been talking a lot about broadcast events latelly I wanted to show a tiny library for broadcasting events using Postgres' NOTITY. I made this out...

check if cookies going to be set?

I need to run a after middlewar that will check if a cookies is going to be set, I am sure it possible just cant find how...

How to give a model some extra functionality.

Hello, I'm creating a notifications system for the users of a site. I have a notification model and a user model. What I want is to create a clean way to notify a user, som...

Queued jobs needing shared memory.

I'm working on migrating a piece of legacy code to Laravel and I'm having a problem using Laravel's queue functionality to do what my old queue worker does. Currently I've...

Accessing Main function argument inside advanced where

I am passing an argument from a controller to a model function. Inside the model function I have an advanced where that calls function ($query). Once that f...

PasswordController not sending emails

Hello every one i have an issue with password reser am useing PasswordController whiches comeing with laravel out of the box. and i have my owen registration...

Access denied for user [email protected]

I'm using laravel 5.1 and when I want to log in it generates this error: PDOException in Connector.php line 50: SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied for user 'homestead'@'l...

Middleware to show custom error pages

@bashy I am using Whoops error pages and as such I think it is "hijacking" my abort(403) method. I h...


Hey i want to ask about vimeo api i want to use it but does i have to choose a plan plus for example and then test my code to see if it is working or not or i can use a tes...

New Saas in Laravel 5.1 - MySQL or PostgreSQL?

Hey everyone, I'm creating a new SaaS app in Laravel 5.1 and I'm using a cloud-hosted linux box and Laravel Forge to setup the production server. Do you think...

vimeo api

Hey this is my first time to work with vimeo first i'am making a courses site like laracasts for animation principles and i want to know can i test it before i publish my s...

Using Pheanstalkd on a different port

By default, Beanstalkd uses port 11300. However, it appears something is using that port so I have to use 11305. Is there any way to define this port for Lumen to us...

How to make PHPStorm to jump directly to inserted PHPDoc?

Hello, when watching Jeff's videos he always immediately inserts PHPDoc which I also would like to do for myself. Now when we generates the PHP doc in his vid...

Some question

I would like to have better understanding this stuff: If I would like to manage more server from digital ocean for example, can I do it with the basic 10USD /...
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