Form Submit Action Help please

I am a beginner, I am trying to make a button that when the user clicks on it the page goes to create.blade.php I know this is not correct I have...

Using aggregates in Laravel using Entities , Value Objects and Repositories

Hi, Watching the chapters about Entities and Value Objects used with Laravel one doubt arises me. Using the Repository Pattern and...

Nested route and controller names

Beforehand, I apologize for my English. I have an account, then define: Route::get ('/account', ['as' => 'account', 'uses' =>...

EZ Relationship That Won't Work

I have a table called stakeholders with these fields(id, loan_id, loan_role, stakeholder, ssn, email, address, city, state, zip, phone) and a table...

Generators Not Giving Boilerplating

Following the Install to Registration Part 1, when I got to the need to add a controller via the generator, I did so and after inspection of the ge...

PayPal Payment for Laracasts

Hey Jeff, would it be possible to integrate PayPal for the subscription ? Maybe if someone pays with paypal he pays 2% more or something be...

Handling Redis Session Expections

I would like to set up Redis to handle sessions, however, I found an issue. When I stop the Redis service I get a Predis \ Connection \ Conne...

Loop to all titles and save for the slug

I just installed this package to use slugs for my events ->

Laravel 4.3 Authentication issue

Hi everybody, working on the dev version of Laravel 4.3 i've found some problem in the AuthController's postLogin method:...

Where do i put this?

Hi Laramembers!. I have a question about where to put some data that sometimes is not tied to the database directly, like in a member regis...

All we need is just a little patience

I'm seeing more than a few comments with people complaining about videos not being published fast enough to their liking. I understand you are exci...

Artisan Migrations Refresh

Hey girls and boys, After running the refresh command i am stuck after rollback because of wrong order of migrations. 2014_07_31_21...

Localization files

Hello, Can i have sub dirs in my lang/en directory? Because i tryed create one, and call, Lang::get('subdir.message...

Trying to test email with Codeception

I am following the "Testing Email" video, using Codeception instead of PHPUnit. I am using the command bus architecture as described in the "Comman...

Tools & Libs & plugins used in videos

Hi, I think that there should be a page with a list of tools & libs used in videos. I can see that Jeffrey try to put names/links to so...

redirect_uri_mismatch oauth google login artdarek/oAuth-4-laravel

Hi I am using the artdarek oauth for google login from a website. I have written the route Route::get('usersgoogle','logingoogleController...

Search Function

I did not found anything about searching in Laravel. Well - I have a few Events, each Event has an Owner. How can i now search betw...

Best Place to Find High End Laravel Developers?

Does anyone know the best place to find high end Laravel developers? Didn't want to just post here without permission....

Link to / display title slug

I found a really cool package to handle slugs

Chapters aren'5 yet available may be checked as seen

Hi @JeffreyWay, I was watching the new Laravel 4.3 chapters and when I saw the second chapter it doesn't marked as check...