Form::open not working in laravel 4.3

Form::open not working in laravel 4.3...

4.3 auth class call to member function connection on non-object

Anyone else trying to move Larabook over to 4.3 and having this issue? It seems to be the Auth class. If I comment out the Auth::attempt pa...

Decoupling the Model from the Framework at Laracon EU 2014

Fabulous, eye opening talk from Laracon EU 2014.

Laravel 4.3 artisan error?

Hi, I am trying to use the artisan commands in a fresh install of laravel 4.3. When I run "php artisan" to see the available commands, I get the fo...

Eloquent Relationships - Searching multiple tables

Let's say you have a search form that allows you to filter down results and this form has an arbitrary number of fields. It may look someth...

Nested route and controller names - Laracasts issue!

I'm sorry, I was thinking how to laracast resolved if they are created posts of the same name (in the same forum). Well, the url is the same, so is...

Is Codeception a replacement for all other test suites

It seems like codeception has all of the functionality that one would need to test an application, because it has acceptance, functional, and unit...

Removing Controller Boilerplate & Maintaining SRP

So, based on a separate conversation on whether the FormRequest class in Laravel 4.3 is mixing responsibilities too much, I wanted to suggest an al...

ControllerResolver Required Value Issue

Hi Guys, This question isn't about Laravel, but it is about modern PHP. I'm in the middle of moving a legacy page based application (/index...

Any way to provision a server with 5.5?

I removed a server I made a few days and recreated it today. Now the site exhibits errors which I assume are down to the base PHP version being upg...

Query on relations

Hello, I need to query, in a scope, on a related data that is eager loaded. But, I don't find the right syntax. In my model...

Dispatch and crontab with MAMP

I just finished watching the video "Recurring Tasks the Laravel Way" and there seems to be an issue with the crontab running. I am using MAMP so my...

[Off topic] PhpStorm + Laravel + GULP and their auto-save system

Hi ! I now it's a quite off topic question (not totaly because Jeff talks about GULP/Grunt and uses PHPStorm), but I'm considering buying P...

how to validate multiple columns

Hello friends, is possible through multi laravel validate only golf that is, the union of the fields can not be repeated what I need is tha...

How to work with multinodes

I have to program an application, which will work as a system of registration where many students will enroll in a course together and the solution...

"laravel new" Error

So I'm trying to create a new laravel app, and am getting the following error: Crafting application... [Guzzle\Http\Exception\...

Models and Interfaces on 4.3

Hi, it's little early to get some definitive on 4.3 best practices, but how would you set models interfaces and where did you put them? on...

4.3 with Homestead, Vagrant etc

I regularly use homestead for dev, but adding a new site into my homestead.yaml file and reloading vagrant, the app on 4.3 doesn't work, anyone els...

Foreign Key Problems in Migrations

Hi, I'm trying to create some migrations in Laravel (using Jeffreys generators), and I've been trying for ages but I can't seem to figure out this...

[4.3] What i dont like about the new FormRequest Class

I am sure you all watched