Any way to provision a server with 5.5?

I removed a server I made a few days and recreated it today. Now the site exhibits errors which I assume are down to the base PHP version being upg...

Query on relations

Hello, I need to query, in a scope, on a related data that is eager loaded. But, I don't find the right syntax. In my model...

Dispatch and crontab with MAMP

I just finished watching the video "Recurring Tasks the Laravel Way" and there seems to be an issue with the crontab running. I am using MAMP so my...

[Off topic] PhpStorm + Laravel + GULP and their auto-save system

Hi ! I now it's a quite off topic question (not totaly because Jeff talks about GULP/Grunt and uses PHPStorm), but I'm considering buying P...

how to validate multiple columns

Hello friends, is possible through multi laravel validate only golf that is, the union of the fields can not be repeated what I need is tha...

How to work with multinodes

I have to program an application, which will work as a system of registration where many students will enroll in a course together and the solution...

"laravel new" Error

So I'm trying to create a new laravel app, and am getting the following error: Crafting application... [Guzzle\Http\Exception\...

Models and Interfaces on 4.3

Hi, it's little early to get some definitive on 4.3 best practices, but how would you set models interfaces and where did you put them? on...

4.3 with Homestead, Vagrant etc

I regularly use homestead for dev, but adding a new site into my homestead.yaml file and reloading vagrant, the app on 4.3 doesn't work, anyone els...

Foreign Key Problems in Migrations

Hi, I'm trying to create some migrations in Laravel (using Jeffreys generators), and I've been trying for ages but I can't seem to figure out this...

[4.3] What i dont like about the new FormRequest Class

I am sure you all watched

Form Submit Action Help please

I am a beginner, I am trying to make a button that when the user clicks on it the page goes to create.blade.php I know this is not correct I have...

Using aggregates in Laravel using Entities , Value Objects and Repositories

Hi, Watching the chapters about Entities and Value Objects used with Laravel one doubt arises me. Using the Repository Pattern and...

Nested route and controller names

Beforehand, I apologize for my English. I have an account, then define: Route::get ('/account', ['as' => 'account', 'uses' =>...

EZ Relationship That Won't Work

I have a table called stakeholders with these fields(id, loan_id, loan_role, stakeholder, ssn, email, address, city, state, zip, phone) and a table...

Generators Not Giving Boilerplating

Following the Install to Registration Part 1, when I got to the need to add a controller via the generator, I did so and after inspection of the ge...

PayPal Payment for Laracasts

Hey Jeff, would it be possible to integrate PayPal for the subscription ? Maybe if someone pays with paypal he pays 2% more or something be...

Handling Redis Session Expections

I would like to set up Redis to handle sessions, however, I found an issue. When I stop the Redis service I get a Predis \ Connection \ Conne...

Loop to all titles and save for the slug

I just installed this package to use slugs for my events ->

Laravel 4.3 Authentication issue

Hi everybody, working on the dev version of Laravel 4.3 i've found some problem in the AuthController's postLogin method:...