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Softdeleted records are getting fetched from database.

I have added soft delete to Page model. 'deleted_at' column is being set when I soft delete a record. When I do $page->trashed() it is returning true from soft deleted r...

Performance vs Normalization sql tables

what is better to do ? slipt it to many tables or long row? lets say we have Post model. for exampel,you wanna get the author id by : Performance way -...

Desperately need help with an Eloquent relationship.

Desperately need help with an Eloquent relationship. After watching several of Jefferys videos over and over again, I can not for the life of me think why on earth m...

Is changing/adding a model attribute a good practice?

Is a good practice to manipulate the model and create new attributes in model based on what I need? Example: class Property exten...

Generating an Invoice in PDF - Laravel

I want to generate an invoice with client details and services offered to that particular client. I have managed to design the invoice template using this...

use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Input; vs use Input in Laravel 5.2

I am trying to figure out why, in Laravel 5.2, I need to use use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Input; in my controllers where I have several Laravel 5.1 projects that only hav...

Laravel 5 + Codeception = login failure

I've been using L4 & codeception for sometime. Now I'm working on a L5 project and I can't get codeception to successfully log in. In order to isolate the issue I fresh...

404 on js, images etc.

I cant include custom js files or images from my public folder. For example app.js stored in public/js I have tried: <script type="text/javasc...

I can't seem to get PhPstorm to save this code snippet, it keeps printing something else.

So I create a new file and enter some code I want to use as a snippet. I highlight the code and go to tools/save as live template(at the top of phpstorm). I the...

insertGetID for multiple connections

hey guys, i am having a problem using multiple connections to insert into a table and get the lastid $idList = DB::connection('mysql_...

Fill Existing Form with Array from Model

I have simple form where users submit their info into a database. I pull that information to an admin side where the admin can see what the users have filled out by...

Subscription has a problem

I wanted to enroll for the monthly program from this link. But when i c...

API Gateway for third party services

Planning to integrate Algolia for building search onto an existing API. While mobile apps can directly talk to Algolia to fetch search results, whats the best way to keep...

Encrypt environment variables

This article says that storing your database p...

Elixir minify only the versioned css

Since I'm using elixir.version the versioned css is for production so it is the only one that needs to be minified but if I run gulp --production then both public/css/app.c...

Github with Laravel

I have created a Laravel starter template that comes with the basics out of the box. On my local server I installed Laravel, then edited what I needed and commited t...

Undefined variable: errors when running integration tests

Hello there I've just upgraded my 5.1 version to 5.2 and when I run my integration tests with PHPUnit I am now getting this error... exception 'Error...

How to change value of data fetched from server

When i build some modal dialog form to edit exist list I set input value as list value editing the content then submitting However the list value i send to server i...

Laravel 5.2 Setup with Homestead, dev-develop version not found?

I am trying to start a new project with 5.2. Previously, I had been running XAMMP on my Mac and it worked pretty well. Thought I should try Homestead since it was recommend...
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