Contracts in Laravel 4.2

Hi guys, I saw the new tutorial of jeffrey about contracts really super helpful, my question is, there is any chance that I can im...

Getting ReflectionException class does not exist upon implementing a Facade

I'm trying to implementing this approach of image upload (

Mobile Menu Issues

In mobile, the "learn" submenu used to drop down to view lessons & series, but now it goes straight to lessons (so you can't get to series):...

hasManyThrough with multiple connections

So I have a model that is using a table that is in a different database, and as such, uses a different connection. I have used the Eloquent propert...

view not found when view is actually there on vagrant and local

I get the following error ``` View [layouots.default] not found. (View: /home/vagrant/myapp/app/views/password/remind.blade.php) Th...

Auth::logout and updated_at field being updated

Hi ! I've an issue I think. On L4.2 when I do Auth::logout the timestamp updated_at field is updated, of course I don't want it to be updat...

Reorder the Items by selecting position from drop down menu

I am trying to order order of featured items. So while editing a featured item i have a dropdown menu where i have list of featured item where i ca...

Laravel 4.3 Bootstrapped

I created a boostrapped version of Laravel 4.3 which includes includes login, registration, password resets, Laracast Flash, and Twitter Bootstrap....

Codeception not finding functions in the FunctionalTester.php file

I get this error Scenario Steps: 4. I fill field "email","" ////// IN RED 3. I am on page "/login" 2. I have an account 1. As a...

404 on digital ocean, no ssh access.

Hi, I've just done a fresh install of a digital ocean server. I Added a site, linked to a Github repository. But when trying to preview th...

Pagination and Eager Loading

My Controller method is: $topics=Topic::with(array('subtopics'=>function($query){ $query->with('resources')->orderBy('glc_subto...

Change a github branch for a site already setup with Forge

The only way I've been able to change the branch used for deployment in Forge is to remove the repository and add it again. Would be helpful if the...

Cant understand What I am doing wrong

Here is a link to my github with the project. I am simpl...

Posting portfolio item

Hi, Just as a practice to combine some stuff i'm learning here I am building a portfolio site. Got it all kinda working and a portf...

Where to place a Laravel Project ???

Jeff, First of all I gotta tell you that I love the way you teach. I love the speed at which you cover the various topics and the clarity you provi...

[discussion] where should I handle exceptions?

I currently build a service that have some validation, some business rules, and small checks. Now My question is should I handle the except...

Pulling my hair out

I;m trying to upload an image or multiple images and keep getting Call to a member function getClientOriginalExtension() on a non-object...

OMG Relationships ... Double Dot Notation???

I have a series of related tables -- crops->cropdetails->cropyields -- that I am trying to query and return. When I do the following, only...

Need some guidance !

In lines 117-153 of adminpetitioncontroller.php file :

Incremental API: How do I use Transformers to structure API response?

I have a large dataset returned when I query the Loans table. I would like to return it in chunks that corresponds to the related database tables t...