Hi Guys, I'm having trouble running more than one Selenium test at a time using the Integrated/Selenium extension. I can run one test fine,...

Problem using Carbon

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Adding data-something

I want to add a data attribute to a select menu for example <select name="bundles"> <option value="100&q...

How to use livereload with Elixir?

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LengthAwarePaginator - How do I extend/alter it?

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Getting Cookie data troughs DecryptException

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Can I migrate my DB to Laravel Forge and with data too

Is is possible to do a push up to Forge and push the table data up too? At the moment just using using sequel pro. It is pretty painless to...

laravel 5 middleware with route error : ErrorException in Route.php: Undefined offset: 1

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Laravel Resource Generator

Hey everyone! I'd like to share my Resource Generator (based on @JeffreyWay 's Generator) which let's you create...

Laravel 5 environments

I have 2 environments (local, prod) on 2 different machines. composer.json has: "require-dev": { "phpunit/phpunit"...

laravell css images not picking

in blade file css files not show, while directory structure is public --assets ------css style.css i.e background: url(../a...

Laravel 5 package development workflow

Hi all, I have been playing around with L5 package development lately. I understand that in L5 the workbench is gone and we can just create...

Repository Pattern and custom methods

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Logging in with jwt from another api

Hello everyone, I am fairly new to Laravel 5 and so far I am charmed by it. However, right now I am creating an website, powered by

Dynamic pie charts with Laravel and js

Sorry to move you in another website My problem is this link...

Testing guidance

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Schema Builder bug or undocumented functionality?

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Additional Socialite Providers?

There are a lot a great additional Socialite providers at

Laravel Eloquent Generated Query and Join

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