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Complex Search from a form in Vue and results from Laravel

Hi All, can anyone point me to a tutorial or example that can help me get my head around a complex search. Im new to both Vue and Laravel and I need to do the following....
hninoowailwin hninoowailwin

limited array length and key size

I send an array that include over 6000 keys from view but only get 1000 in Controllers . Why ? I use Laravel and Linux server ( CentOS 7)...
lautaroml lautaroml

Telescope under subdomain not working

i have a domain I have a subdomain: (where I want to use telescope) When I enter in the telescope page...
nikocraft nikocraft

Is naming columns with reserved words problematic?

For example, in pure PHP this guy has a problem because he has a column named key...

How to hide all when I click someone open?

// Add event listener for opening and closing details $('#laravel_datatable tbody').on('click', 'td.details-control', function () { var tr = $(t...
finlamit finlamit

How to structure micro-services

Hi, I have a website which is becoming an unmanageable monolith. I am looking into breaking it up in the various micro-services using Lumen however I am a bit unsure...
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Vue Search Select with 16k + options

Hi, I'm looking for a way to have a select that I can search on but I have 16k options that are returned for Laravel back end via axios, I cant find an efficient way to do...
Evie Evie

installing and running Nova on production

Hi All, I was trying to install Nova on production for a few days last week with no success...I have googled for instructions with very little information coming bac...
BikashKatwal BikashKatwal

Creating a POST API to Save Many relational data

$question = new Question(); $question->question = $request->question; $question->question_image_url = $request->question_image_url;...
alirezabahram alirezabahram

I get different response in different server

hi there i get 401 response in my local and a test server (correctly). but in my product server i get the right "unauthenticated" message but with 200 response....
laravelhelpme laravelhelpme

Upload Image overwrite EXIF metadata

Hi, I need to upload images (Intervention\Image) to my project keeping their original EXIF metadata. However when I try to create and upload an Image using: I...
mostafalaravel mostafalaravel

how to convert date to datetime ?

Hello, How to convert date in DD/MM/YYYY to datetime format (to insert in DB) Thanks...
HimanshuRajvanshi HimanshuRajvanshi

Laravel how to disable login page Auth::routes(['login' => false]);

When I try this for registation this is working but I want to remove login page this is not working Please guide me what going on....
AntLusher AntLusher

Nova permission out of the box?

As subject matter - just want to set up groups and user perms. Something Nova does out of the box? Am I missing something? Cheers...
abkrim abkrim

Notification with markdown not work

I've a custom command that generate a report and at end, send a Mail to admin. $lines = $r->markdown; Mail::to(['xxx...
JackD JackD

Update Password and check for Current Password

Hi, I have this in my controller I was confused how to update the password that needs the current password to successfully update to a new password? $fieldPa...
Lestah Lestah

Laravel Feature Test

Im trying this test but it says failed asserting that false is true this is just a simple test so user can visit the settings page /** * * @test...
miguelbgouveia miguelbgouveia

Can't run phpunit tests from command line.

I am trying to run unit tests in a new laravel 5 application, using the phpunit framework. In the root path of my laravel application I ru the following command:...
Rhynel Rhynel

Array and Object how to solve this? Any help?

return ([ "First Data", "Second Data" ]); It works fine But when I use this $Orders->Status = ["First Data", "Se...
PetroGromovo PetroGromovo

How in testing switch DatabaseTransactions off/on on condition?

Hello, In laravel 5.8 application I use test with DatabaseTransactions option, so inserted data in testing db are cleared after testing, like: <?php name...
jec360 jec360

Javascript/JQuery/Ajax code in Laravel Controller

Hello, is it possible to code the Javascript/Jquery/AJAX in the controller file?...
BikashKatwal BikashKatwal

How to use php artisan in vagrant/Homestead

I am using Homestead and I want php artisan command to execute but I don't know how to make it work in homestead/vagrant. In my case php artisan commands doesn...
Shyamal Shyamal

pass data to mailable class from job in queue

I have passed a variable from controller to job and checked it with dd and its coming in job but after passing it from job to mailable class i don't exactly know if its com...
BikashKatwal BikashKatwal

composer trying to install appointedd/appointedd-php

C:\projects\bookingsystem\live>composer require appointedd/appointedd-php Using version dev-master for appointedd/appointedd-php ./composer.json has been updated...
BikashKatwal BikashKatwal

Adding any thing in app.php's providers crashes the application

I have been trying to export data to excel so for this purpose I added 'Maatwebsite\Excel\ExcelServiceProvider' in providers 'aliases'=>array( 'Excel'...
BikashKatwal BikashKatwal

Convert BLOB in string

I have a database column location and the data is saved in BLOB, I guess it contains all the Street Number, Street,City. How can we display address in the list....
BikashKatwal BikashKatwal

adding CoreUI react admin template in Laravel Project

How can we add CoreUI react admin template to laravel 6.0 project?...
successdav successdav

Vue-Progress Bar finish loading before the request finish

I am using vue-progressbar by hilongjw When the request begins the progress bar shows but it quickly finish before the request finish processing. How do I fix this t...
o2018 o2018


I have run the command below to create a storage folder in my laravel project but getting the Local NTFS volumes are required to complete the operation. The [public/...
Chron Chron

input hidden grabs all the data

I have this in my form <input type="hidden" value="{{$child->id}}" name="child[]"> <input type...
elargento23 elargento23

How to reload a foreach or view?

I have a controller which loads a random question: public function index () { $question = Question::orderByRaw('RAND()')->take(1)->get(); retu...
jkwyeung jkwyeung

Structuring model and db relations

Hi guys, I'm debating how to best implement this here. So essentially I need a check-in process completed for certain routes on a daily basis. This check-in i...
amidknight amidknight

Laravel 6 (upgrade from 5.8) Failing to Find Route and 404 Page

I'm getting ready to delve into deeper pages for my site. Created route group (practitioners). Created home page URL (get). Created profile page route (get). Went from link...
leebrent leebrent

Digital Ocean and MySQL Clusters -> Laravel... How to connect (SSL-CA)

Digital Ocean Cluster MySQL and Laravel: Has anyone had any success in connecting Laravel .env to the new Digital Ocean MySQL instances. They require a ssl CA file t...
Maria0101 Maria0101

to export the value of the function in Excel on laravel Nova

to export the value of the function in Excel on laravel Nova Hi .. There is a ready-made script that uploads data in excel format, from a resource that implements fi...
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