Where do I place custom PHP-scripts, and how do I use them in a AJAX-call?

I am trying to make a AJAX-call to a separate php file in Laravel, I got it working perfectly on a non-laravel testing environment, but I am not sure where to place custom...
execom99 execom99

Lumen Passport OAuth - Inject token to the Request header

hi, I'm trying to simulate other user signed in (impersonation) and having other user's ID in one of the request parameters. Is there a way to inject this other user...
Van1310 Van1310

How to free sms send in my laravel application ?

Can you please suggest how to send free text message ?...
thebigk thebigk

jQuery and Whispering Client Events

I'm having difficulty write jQuery code to turn on/off the client whispers in Laravel Echo. Here's my attempt - <script> $(document).on('keyup'...
nnjeim nnjeim

Nginx Expires Headers Issue with Laravel routes

Hi, I am experiencing an issue when adding Expires headers to an nginx host. when the below is added location ~* .(js|jpg|jpeg|gif|png|css|tgz|g...
IsuruIndika IsuruIndika

S3 url issue in laravel 5.5

url getting from storage::disk incorrect sometimes for s3 . bucket name come first. then that url is incorrect.. cannot find the reason.. it comes like https//:mybuc...
Dev0ps Dev0ps

How to collapse properly | close all active when open new [CSS/Bootstrap]

my code <div class="ui-block"> <div class="your-profile"> <div class="ui-block-title ui-block-title-small...
alex29 alex29

Problem with resolving dependencies that are implementing interfaces

So I have this method below public function verify(AccountTypeInterface $accountType, $foo, $bar) { $user = $accountType->find(request()->i...
spectatorx spectatorx

Socialite google works but youtube prints error

I'm trying to integrate socialite authentication system with few drivers it offers. So far i did google and youtube but, as title says, google works properly but when i'm t...
elliotk elliotk

Laravel Forge - Nginx respond on IP

I have been using Forge for some time, with my servers behind a load balancer (Digital Ocean). DO is currently configured to do a simple check of port 80 using TCP. This de...
Punksolid Punksolid

Is it viable to make a CRUD just to add one field to serve as Only Read Relationship?

Hi, I want some feedback because I think something it's a little bit wrong here but I don't now the principles that it's wrong. I have an SPA and there a form to cre...
uxmahbub uxmahbub

Auto select with jQuery

Html code: <div class="per-input per-businessHour"> <select name="closing_time[]" class="closin...
fredemagi fredemagi

Transpile CKEditor to ES5 using Webpack/Laravel mix

In order to get CKEditor to work on previous versions of Safari in iOS 10, I was recommended to transpile CKEditor to ES5 using their guide:...
ludo1960 ludo1960

Insert predefined values into mongodb

Hi guys, I can insert a Boolean as true or false like so: 'color' =>$faker->Boolean, But what if I want to make predefined valu...
Belio Belio

Using Metrics with relations

Is there a way to sum relations in Trends? I have an accessor in my Invoice model that goes through the Lines in order to get the total but I can't use eloquent here as far...
eleven0 eleven0

Members(Persons and Companies) > Teams > Projects Members ->Project

Hi there, can someone share some opinions about a membership structure I am trying to establish? I already have; Projects have many teams (But team can have one proj...
mikepmtl mikepmtl

Auth::id returns null in ServiceProvider when Feature testing

I have a package I wrote for User/Role/Group permissions that loads up through a ServiceProvider. It works fine generally, but for some reason in Feature Tests Auth:...
johnnyCC johnnyCC

Laravel 5.2 + Dingo + JWT - Multiple Auth with different prefixes

Hi, Current settings: Laravel: 5.2.44 Dingo Api V1 JWT Auth Stuck for a few days now with my next problem, please help: I have an ongoing app as...
moukbel moukbel

how to connect Pusher with Service worker Push Notification

I'm trying to add PushNotificaion to my web app, can anyone tell me how to connect service worker to Receive Push Notification also, don't know how to get applicatio...
oliverbusk oliverbusk

Relationship - Unique values for shared relationship

I am trying to create a web application, where users can: Upload documents Upload emails (inbound emails) The documents/emails will be u...
splendidkeen splendidkeen

Event Listener with Popup Notification?

Hello, I am currently thinking about a simple logic in terms of visually outputting a push notification or just a partial on the user side of the application, if a button i...
baptiste_c baptiste_c

Class Swift_KeyCache_DiskKeyCache does not exist

Hello, I'm facing a problem with laravel email integration. Please find my code here : <?php namespace App\Http\Controllers; use Illuminate...

Laravel Jobs (redis/database) + FFMpeg = application/octet-stream

So i discovered something very strange. Whenever i try to use FFMpeg within a queue using redis or database my converted videos always turn out with MIME "application/...
angelorigo angelorigo

Nuxtjs and Lumen API

Hi, Would be nice to have a series of videos about constructing an application using Lumen as API and NuxtJs as the front end....
GoldeNx3 GoldeNx3

Sort by morph author

Hello! I have query like: Offer::with(['author', 'offerCategory', 'attribute', 'metaPremium'])->latest()->paginate(20); My offers can...
takdw takdw

How can I create files (images/documents) in model factories?

Hi guys, I'm writing a couple of test in the project I'm working on I need some help. There is a mode called Photo which will store the information related to...
chriss39 chriss39

Custom Navigation

I am looking to build either a custom left hand navigation or custom dashboard and not sure if either are possible without editing core nova files so looking for some advic...
pramanadiputra pramanadiputra

Any recommendation for Text Editor with Image Uploads?

Hi, do you have any recommendation for text editor with image upload feature that supports Amazon S3 / DigitalOcean Space? When user upload an image, it directly sav...

Multiple variants of same app...how to manage

We have a partner for whom we are going to build a white label app that is very similar to our own app. The core functionality will be the same. There will be minor change...
Desory Desory

Laravel Chatapp 5.2 and latest

So I've decided to implement a chat app on my running 5.2 website but everything I can find online is with laravel 5.4 and vue and I don't really know how elixir and webmix...
zfdeveloper zfdeveloper

Create a custom API wrapper

This is not directly related to Laravel but I'm going to use in a Laravel application. I need to create a wrapper to an API and I wanted to create something similar...
Gabotronix Gabotronix

Issue with chart.js and vue

Hi everybody, I'm trying to use chart.js with vue, so far results have been good but when I get my chart data via axios (data is not there when chart component is mounted)...
nikocraft nikocraft

how to process my array to be associative on first two levels and on third to have simple value

I'm trying to construct an array where there only strings and the array would look like this key->key->value To explain it I attached two screenshots below....
chechogrom chechogrom

which loop while I should use and how

Hello everyone, I have a form in which I have a select with the plugin select 2 and I have the option of tags = true, in this select I send name-value-description (optional...
tmcguire tmcguire

Using hasMany on a pivot/intermediate model

Hey everyone! Quick question about intermediate/pivot models, and how to hook up relationships from those models. I have four models: Us...
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