Alidnet Alidnet

Complex Search from a form in Vue and results from Laravel

Hi All, can anyone point me to a tutorial or example that can help me get my head around a complex search. Im new to both Vue and Laravel and I need to do the following....

How to close all when I click someone open?

// Add event listener for opening and closing details $('#laravel_datatable tbody').on('click', 'td.details-control', function () { var tr = $(t...
martin_k martin_k

send email with different data

Hi. I have code: Mail::send('emails.einkaufen', ['data'=>$request['repair_report_einkaufen']], function ($m) use ($delivery) but I have to send also in ema...
petritr petritr

Storing and delaying an transaction

Is there a way to store the transaction and wait for an user confirmation ? If the confirmation is true then execute the transaction? Something like send an warning...
sergionader sergionader

Validation: Class users does not exist

Hey! I have some rules in my controller (I also tried using a form request and result is the same): UserController use App\User; ..... $...
nickclicksco nickclicksco

Using the gRPC extension with Homestead

Hi everyone, I'm trying to install an extension from this guide: https://cloud....
drinni drinni

hello upload photo not found!

i have created a upload form to my user created blade and uploads work fine but when i go to show to my photo url i have this erorr The requested URL was not found...
yagrasdemonde yagrasdemonde

Advices to construct Conceptual Model of Data

I need help to build the good conceptual model of data for my project with relations, pivot tables … This is my problem :...
reneko18 reneko18

How to insert data with multiple foreign keys ?

I'm working in a web application with Laravel 5.7, where I create differents employment contracts each one is a blade view with a form with input text between the content o...
Dennys Dennys

"These credentials do not match our records" in Laravel 5.8 auth login page

Hello, after restoring my laravel project backup I can't login anymore, the authentication used to work well, I can't understand which is the problem. I confi...
DavidPetrov DavidPetrov

Image from link doesn't load on mobile with marzipano 360 viewer

I didn't know where to properly categorize this topic, but I'm experiencing a very strange behaviour which I don't know whether it has to do with marzipano or laravel routi...

Algolia Places removing the first line of address before submitted

I've set up a form on a page, with two address fields for different people. The first submits fine, the second address is found fine by Algolia places and the Line 2, city...
afoysal afoysal

FaceBook Login

I am working in a purchased Laravel script. I need FaceBook login. In Login page I am getting view like below....
jessejohnston jessejohnston

ERROR 1449 (HY000): The user specified as a definer ('mysql.infoschema'@'localhost') does not exist

Hi all, I've been having some issues with MySql and Laravel. When I try to migrate or show a table I get this error: ERROR 1449 (HY000): The user specified as...
almokhtar_br almokhtar_br

did any one try themosis with valet before ?

when i try to run themosis via valet it give me that : did any one face that before ? Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ' ThemosisValetDriver.php ' not fou...
vrkansagara vrkansagara

How to get Socialite Dynamic driver name ?

I want driver name from request payload. like github, twitter or facebook, etc. The current problem is that I have to explicitly provide a driver name. publ...
laracastsluvr laracastsluvr

Multiple laravel codebases and user tables

Hi there, Laravel friends! Is it possible to have 3 Laravel codebases share 1 database, but each with each own users? Those separated users should be able to access...
laracastsluvr laracastsluvr

L5.8 - Dynamic Prefix to include an id

Hello friends, Got another one! A question that is ;) Is there an efficient way to have a view (a dashboard for example) display certain settings based on a r...
aschorr aschorr

Guzzle / cURL Connection refused - Failed to connect to port 443

I'm using Guzzle to make a an authorization request to login and seem to be getting connection refused. My code in my custom controller is public...
Sven0188 Sven0188

Project Structure & Layout when Dealing with Different User Types etc.

Good day Everyone, Please help me with my structure. I not sure if I am over complicating things here. But let's assume the following: I have dif...
bebilaskelly bebilaskelly

GET YOUR PASSPORT,VISA ONLINE. Whatsapp for more info...+1(623) 439-3342

Do you need a British Passport,visa or need any other legal documents? We are here to help you 24/7, We produce PASSPORTS, RESIDENT PERMITS, USA GREEN CARD, CITIZENS...
binggle binggle

want get data or method in relationship .

in Post Model function user() { return $this->belongsTo( \App\User::class); } in User Model function posts() { ret...
nhayder nhayder

non-latin rtl script is reversing the URL of the page ?

Hi, i noticed that when using full translated url for routed page i'm getting a reversed URL when executing the page. in english version of the site i have th...
Sinres Sinres

Calling other function in this same controller

Hello Guys! Look this is piece of my controller where a store a new record of sale. Where is the problem? I need use other function in function store in this same co...
mostafalaravel mostafalaravel

How to select a specific option from a method

Hello , How to select option from this method ? let's say the type Id : 5; getCurrentTask(taskId) { axios.get(`/api/tasks/` + taskId)...

Multi-Auth: Prevent logged in admins to see login page

I implemented a multi-auth system using Laravel 5.7. Users and admins can log in using different pages and everything is working fine with one exception: While Laravel prev...
Kanchan186 Kanchan186

ErrorException Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

RegisterController.php <?php namespace App\Http\Controllers; use Illuminate\Http\Request; use App\country; use App\state; use App\city; use App\register...
AbdulBazith AbdulBazith

Sum the Product quantity of same product id in two tables and sum it laravel

Guys iam working with a project hotel management system. i have three tables Table 1: OpenStock with columns id open_date product_...
dr-bob dr-bob

Spark, Cashier and Stripe SCA considerations

Starting September 14, 2019, European regulation requires Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for...
GrahamMorbyDev GrahamMorbyDev

__construct() must be of the type array, string given on Event dispatch

Im sending in some $request params user_id = 1 message = message I then send out a event from a controller like so: $user = $...
Nagraj722 Nagraj722

The environment file is invalid! Failed to parse dotenv file due to an invalid name.

I am trying to upgrade to 5.8 from 5.5 by following documentation. while running composer update getting dotenv error. i have tried with using quotes also but no luc...
benshepherd benshepherd

Laravel caching error - file_put_content file not found

I have this really strange error that I'm struggling to figure out. I have a command that will cache the homepage. If I run cache:clear then comma...
AbdulBazith AbdulBazith

Package for attendance managing laravel

Guys iam working with a project school management system. i need to maintain the attendance of the students. basically in my last application what i did is ha...
raviawasti raviawasti

when i open these both url is working and another is not working in laravel

Route::get('child-admission-for-{class}','[email protected]')  Route::get('child-admission-for-{subject}','[email protected]')...

User model namespace not importing

I use sublime text 3, I use php companion to import namespace . Key bindings works fine for other models, but when I try to import the default User model in another model...
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