omar590 omar590

Change The Default Login function

I wanted to change e-mail address to username when I log in so I override username function in my LoginController but now when I try to log in it just refresh...
hjortur17 hjortur17


Hi, I'm creating role_user table but I'm trying to figure out how can a choose the default using this method? For example, when a user is registering it will a...
tisuchi tisuchi

A threat is showing without title and description

Hey @jeffreyway It's strange behavior that I can able to see a threat on Laracast without displaying the title and description. In that in...
imBee imBee

This package requires php ^7.2 but your PHP version (7.1.23)

Hello, I'm using macOS 10.14.6, I updated PHP and when I run "php -v" in terminal it shows: PHP 7.3.8 (cli) (built: Aug 11 2019 20:50:16) ( NTS ) Bu...

use of @include() blade directive inside the javascript

I have different form and to use include blade directive to show form base on the test type selected. <script> switch(testType) { case 1:...
juhavehnia juhavehnia

Laravel and MySQL timezone

I've been trying to research for a solution getting user specific timezones working properly with Laravel and MySQL, but all I can find are Eloquent mutations or in SPA fro...
princeoo7 princeoo7

API authentication via social networks for your Laravel application

Well this title is copied from the medium blog and so if some one as crossed it, please don't complaint ;D here is the link :...
Dosmukhanbet Dosmukhanbet

forge - We were unable to install a project on your server

Please help me, When I try upload my repo I had this Error message - "We were unable to install a project on your server" But I've already installed my pub...
geek123 geek123

filter and sort model by computed attribute in a related model

I have these models: Product (id, sn, shop_id) Shop (id, name, latitude, longitude) How to get list of products sorted by distance where:...
dragonberr dragonberr

System: Mac Catalina update, Problem: TokenMismatchException

PROBLEM: Register page on submit was going to 419 Page Expired **Note 1: register.blade.php Already has the token. @csrf...
engrlaravel engrlaravel

Laravel scheduling or task scheduling

I want to send emails on expiry dates data in table. I want to run scheduler every five minutes. I am using Windows Server for my website, so i can not use this comm...
kirchevsky kirchevsky

Can't solve TokenMismatchException in VerifyCsrfToken.php line 53

After some tries to solve this problem i'm decided to post it there. What we have... Laravel default app + Auth + user roles based on Bican Roles....
Aronaman Aronaman

special character in query builder

in my database i have 10 bookings row from 10 i have 8 Bookable_type="App\Room", but i get zero, i think this is b/c the special character "/" . how ca...
kdotsmith kdotsmith

Undefined variable posts in my website (urgent)

Really struggling here, trying to display the posts on my page, bare in mind these posts are displaying on other pages. However i cannot display them on my index.php page....
javediq_143 javediq_143

Multiple Polymorphic Relations in same Model

Hello All, Continuing with my Ecommerce site where users can order food online, I'm stuck at another stage. Below are the tables in my app: // users...
TrevC TrevC

Is my Unique: Validation rule set correctly?

Hi All, I am trying to setup up some form validation for a CRUD app I'm working on, using the sweet alert package. All other rules seem to be working for me,...
MarcosKlender MarcosKlender

Send variables from view (table) to controller function

Greetings! I need to pass all the variables listed (td) in my table from view to the controller. Here's a part of my view:...
nickywan123 nickywan123

Can I use QR Code to scan and update the order status?

I am new to laravel and currently using a simple qr code package that I want to add to my e-commerce website. The idea is when a customer placed an order, the...
Ronaldonizuka Ronaldonizuka

APP_DEBUG on sharing Host Laravel

Hello everyone, First i want to apologize for my bad english, i'm french :D I trying to deploye my Laravel Application on a sharing Host, but i have a little problème, it...
horsford horsford

Problem with Laravel 6

Good morning I use Laravel 6, and I have a small problem .. I am doing a small project for the school, I have almost finished it, but I have the following problem, when I e...
palla451 palla451

LarvelChart error with Api Chart

Hi, all I have been trying to resolve this problem for a few days In my laravel project I installed the LaraceverCharts/Tv package. API/Ajax Charts for...
virgiltu virgiltu

Still No Love For MongoDB?

Is there a reason laravel hates MongoDB so much or any other noSQL database. What is the reason to keep such a great framework stuck on such an obsolete database system?...
Spiral Spiral

How to manage a whole get function in repository design patterns

Hi! i have a function of get in controller which have many functionality how to manage this from repository patterns plz give me the best solution so that i c...
shan2590 shan2590

Didn't understand actual mean of singleton , anybody can explain me ?

Why we use singleton ? The purpose of single instance? Why 'ApiRepositoryInterface' and 'GuzzleApiRepository' use singleton following code...

Define Gate using deferred service provider

Hi, I would like to define Gate using a defered service provider. I am using Laravel 5.8 Service provider: I want to defer loaded after having defined "f...
Binny Binny

Implement wepay payment gateway with laravel

Hello, I want to implement we-pay payment in my project. Can anyone suggest best library or package compatible with laravel 6.x? Thank you in advance...
efcoders efcoders

Custom pagination in laravel5

Hi All is there any simple example of custom pagination in laravel5? Thnaks...
david001 david001

Unserailize cart items

I have orders table and in orders table i have id,user_id,cart,timestamps now i want to show name of user and the items purchased by him/her. Items in c...
mstdmstd mstdmstd

vue/cli app running dev mode periodically stops react to my modifications

Hello, working with @vue/cli 4.0.5 in dev mode I periodically see that my browsers stops react to my modifications in my PhpStorm 2019.2.3 when command...
CristianCutitie CristianCutitie

Laravel - use the following jQuery script inside view

$("#critical_btn").click(function() { $(this).toggleClass('btn-default btn-success'); }); this is the jQuery code i want to use for a button, it is suppose...
tudosm tudosm

My app doesn't queue the notifications after git clone on a diffrent machine

I use to develop on mac and when I cloned my app on windows seems like the mail notifications are not queued anymore. Anyone knows what could be the issue?...
leostereo leostereo

Session lifetime question.

Hi guys , Im learning about sessions in laravel. I declare these routes: Route::get('session/get','[email protected]'); Route::get('session...
joshblevins joshblevins

Getting related item from json array.

Is it possible to get a relation to another table using a json array. I have stored in a column groups that a message is sent to. ["25",&quo...
hunterhawley hunterhawley

Variable Class Names or Secondary Table?

Hey y'all! I have a table, 'basketball_game_events', and it is full of, you guessed it, all the things that happened during basketball games (assists, rebounds, etc....
UsmanBasharmal UsmanBasharmal

After removing pagination could not get the data via api Laravel/Vuejs

I have applied serverside pagination but it didn't work with Datatables so I removed it but now I could not get the data from my BookController via API if I put the paginat...
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