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Vuex Module Reuse Best Practices

Posted 5 months ago by ignisrzeus

Good Day Laracasts!

I posted a few days ago regarding the application of Vuex module reuse. While I am able to create unique namespaces for each module, it is to my surprise that they actually share properties -- which defeats the purpose of reusing Vuex modules (at least for my context).

Below is a code from my "Account Component"

    beforeDestroy() {
    beforeCreate() {
        var id = this.$route.params.id;
        var namespace = "account-" + id;
        return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
            resolve(this.$store.registerModule(namespace, accountModule));
        }).then((response) => {
            this.$store.dispatch(namespace + "/storeItem", id);

As you can see above, I am creating a new AccountModule everytime I create this component based on the router parameters, and proceed to unregister the module when the component is destroyed.

For every instance of the accountModule, I expect to be given a fresh copy of the accountModule:

  state: {
        item: null,
        loading: true,
        show_return_modal: false,
        show_reject_modal: false,
        show_remarks_modal: true,

Situation: - When I load "somelink.com/accounts/1", and i change the value of "show_remarks_modal" to false through a mutation, it works as intended. However, when I load "somelink.com/accounts/2", and I check the value of "show_remarks_modal", it is now changed to false even if I did not mutate it within the page. This led me to believe that I'm only creating a new module, but i am actually referencing to the same store.

After much research, I came across a discussino on github that has the exact same problem as I do:


However, I still do not understand how to implement this approach because I am not exactly sure what createModule() does given the answer above.

Sorry it took so long, but to conclude, I have these questions in mind - How can I create reuse modules with the same "template" without each affecting each other? - Am I creating unique namespaces correctly? - Am I destroying modules correctly?

I'm very interested in mastering Vuex, so Im hoping you guys can help me around here.

Thank you Laracasts!

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