5 months ago

Vue.js is showing error during loading of image src (404 (Not Found))

Posted 5 months ago by nhayder

Hi, i'm seeing an error on 3 of my vue components

GET 404 (Not Found)

this is the image as i have it on the component

<div class="w-full px-3 mb-6 md:mb-0">

    <label class="uppercase mb-2">Image</label>

    <img :src="thumbnail()" class="my-3">


the thumbnail() method is being executed like this

methods: {

        thumbnail : function(){

            var url = this.smcard;

            if (url == '/media/default/placeholder.png') {

                return url;


                console.log('URL ='+url); 

                return '/image/md/'+url;




the console.log('URL ='+url); is showing empty value which is causing the component to show 404 not found error.

But after loading the component i can see the proper image being loaded properly on the page.

any idea on how to fix this issue.

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