3 years ago

Vue.js 2. Upgrade Guide?

Posted 3 years ago by xdega

So I have been working with Vue.js v1, and need to upgrade my dependencies to now move on and use Vue.js v2.

I have done the following: (1) Ran the migration-helper-tool and fixed all my syntax (2) Updated Elixir/Webpack to compile Vue.js v2 (3) Updated package.json, and ran composer update

Despite all of this, I am missing something. Here are some critical problems: (1) My gulp command now fails when trying webpack, since it is detecting Vue.js v1 (2) My components are not rendering due to the differences in syntax. (3) My Vue Dev tools are indeed detecting Vue.js v1

I feel like such a novice for asking this... What am I missing? How do I update my dependencies with Laravel? Is there are step-by-step install guide to update to Vue.js v2?

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